The Top Ten Albums of 2020 (so far…)

At the beginning of the year, I had a gut feeling that 2020 would be an amazing year for music, and I have not been disappointed. Since it was the start of the decade, there are so many paths that artists and groups could’ve taken. The album releases this year have been creative and it seems that the most successful albums have been rooted in nostalgia, minimalism and pop-R&B genre-bending.

A Glimpse Into My Spotify: Week 2

I’m gonna be real. I’m a little surprised that I am keeping this series going for a second week. However, here we are and I’m prepared to keep this train moving! So prepare yourself for at least a couple more of these types of posts. In case you missed the first edition, this is basically a little Discover Weekly playlist that is curated by yours truly. I’m going to be

A Glimpse Into My Spotify: Week 1

I’m trying something new. Don’t get it twisted, I love diving into entire albums and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon, but I want to expand my horizons. I personally love finding new music and discovering artists. I’m going to be sharing five songs every week that I am obsessed with and my hope is that you can possibly discover new music or artists. Think of it as a

Cuz I Love You: Lizzo’s Powerful Return

There is not doubt about it. Lizzo is on fire. She recently released her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, and people are loving this collection of music. With themes of self-love, body positivity and lyrics that are rooted in feminism, this album is exactly what 2019 not only needed, but required. The album was sitting at the number one spot on the iTunes charts for about a week

Amidst the Chaos: Sara Bareilles’ Triumphant Return

Sara Bareilles is not only a critically acclaimed vocalist but a songwriter to her core. The last project she worked on was composing the music for the hit musical, Waitress. She has also taken time to focus on her acting, as she played the role of Jenna in Waitress and also played Mary Magdalene in NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live. I have been eagerly awaiting her return album and finally,

Sucker Punch: Sigrid’s Debut LP

Sigrid has always been a person who has stuck out to me because she’s not necessarily what you would visualize when you think of a “Pop-Star”. Sigrid, a singer-songwriter from Norway, wears primary colors and her go-to outfit is a white tee shirt with high-waisted jeans. Her face is bare and she genuinely seems like a normal person during interviews. Yet in her first full-length album, Sucker Punch, she achieves the