I’m trying something new. Don’t get it twisted, I love diving into entire albums and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon, but I want to expand my horizons.

I personally love finding new music and discovering artists. I’m going to be sharing five songs every week that I am obsessed with and my hope is that you can possibly discover new music or artists. Think of it as a small little Discover Weekly playlist that is curated by yours truly.

I’m really going to try to post every Monday (when Spotify releases their weekly Discover Weekly playlist) so that this blog will have a little bit more of a stable posting schedule. So without further ado, here are five songs that I have been listening to on repeat over the past seven days.

To a Poet by First Aid Kit

Okay, so To a Poet actually came out in 2012 but I have just recently discovered this particular track. I’ve been a fan of First Aid Kit, which is composed of two sisters from Sweden, for about five years but I recently discovered To a Poet when my friend, Jeyca Maldonado, revealed on her instagram story that this was her favorite song of all time.

I listened to it on Spotify immediately and I was hooked. It’s such a beautiful song and the lyrics are just perfectly poetic. There is a specific vocal moment about two third of the way through the song that just gets me every time.

I personally love to listen to First Aid Kit when I’m reading, about to fall asleep or sunbathing because their music is so relaxing. There is also a quality about their music that really reminds me of home. This song is the perfect edition to your music library and even though it’s been around for a couple of years, I had to add it to this list.

Don’t Go Changing by Aly & AJ

Hopping from one sister group to the next, I had to recognize Aly & AJ. Their new music SLAPS. They released an EP last year and their next one comes out this Friday on May 10. Their rebrand has been so fun to watch and I am a fan of their music. Their current brand is very modern and their new material is extremely pop, which I love.

Obviously when people think of Aly & AJ, the first thing to come to mind is their Disney Channel days when we all had Potential Breakup Song circling around in our heads. However, they have totally been killing it over the past year. They have released a lot of music and there isn’t a song that I haven’t liked.

This new single is so catchy and has the 80’s vibe that they seem to be using in a lot of their new material. It’s fun and perfect for the spring season. I suggest you give it a listen and I’m personally excited to see them in Minneapolis on May 31.

This Life by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend’s highly anticipated album, Father of the Bride, has finally arrived and it’s been on repeat all weekend serving me the summer vibes that I not only needed, but required. Vampire Weekend has released so many good songs and it has been several years since they have dropped an album, so I was looking forward to this release.

There are so many good songs on this album but my current favorite is This Life. It’s a song all about life and even the pain that comes with it. However, it is such a happy song and is definitely a bop to dance to.

This song is bouncy and sunny which is my personal favorite vibe. It was a single so I’ve been listening to it for a couple of weeks by now, but it has been on repeat as I strut around Drake’s campus with my Airpods (subtle flex). If you don’t give the entire album a listen, make sure to listen to this song.

If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes

I personally hopped on the Shawn Mendes train after listening to his self-titled album and I am loving his newest song which came out this past Friday. This single has the pop power and is catchy, as are most of his songs. Though it may be a kind of basic, sometimes it’s okay to be a little bit mainstream.

In the past I didn’t listen to Shawn’s music, besides when it was on the radio, but he has really done a great job of branding himself and making his music more appealing to people. His album art and designs lately has been very light, floral and modern. This vibe and design is a smart way to play to an audience that isn’t entirely composed of teenage girls.

Shawn’s music is so easy to like and I am glad that he is releasing new music. This song has been playing not only on my speaker but also in my head all weekend so I figured it was worthy of being on the list this week.

Waiting For You by The Aces

The Aces have come up in my personal Discover Weekly before, but this week I heard Waiting For You and was instantly obsessed. This song is actually the closing song on their debut album and it has such a cool vibe to it. It’s smooth and mellow, yet exploding with emotion.

When I heard for the first time, I was immediately drawn into the lyrics and production of the song. It’s beautifully produced and I have been listening to it all week. It’s easy to listen to but also works to serve the spring vibes that are required this time of year. This song has definitely made me want to listen to more of this group and to really listen to the entirety of their debut album.

The Aces have also done a great job of branding themselves. Their cover art is actually the reason why I looked into them in the first place. They use really pleasing colors and they always look very confident and collected. I added this song to the list because I am hooked and I also want to listen to more of their work.

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