There is not doubt about it. Lizzo is on fire. She recently released her third studio album, Cuz I Love You, and people are loving this collection of music. With themes of self-love, body positivity and lyrics that are rooted in feminism, this album is exactly what 2019 not only needed, but required.

The album was sitting at the number one spot on the iTunes charts for about a week and Lizzo has already launched two tours in support of this album. These live shows have sold out in nearly under an hour and clearly America is in need of Lizzo.

As someone who hails from the Minneapolis area, I have personally been a Lizzo fan for about five years. She is from the same area as me and is a prominent performer in the Twin Cities. I have so much pride to see an artist who I have been following for several years burst into the mainstream scene.

I think the reason why Lizzo’s music resonates with so many people is because of the person that she is. She’s confident, powerful and effortlessly herself. Her music is infused with this attitude and I am certain that Lizzo is America’s Next Bop Star, as her Twitter bio states.

Lizzo in the music video for her single, Juice.


Track by Track:

This album has one of the best album openers of all time, in my opinion. The titular track, Cuz I Love You, begins with Lizzo’s powerful vocals and then immediately the brassiest instrumentation comes in under her. This opening song was supposedly written in under ten minutes and Lizzo’s vocals are simply stunning. This mid-tempo bop is the first foray into the journey that Lizzo is about to embark upon.

Next, Lizzo moves onto the feminist anthem of the album. Like A Girl is a song about empowering women and this is one of my favorite tracks of the album. It’s just such a bop and fits perfectly into the themes of this project. In the bridge, Lizzo sings, “If you feel like a girl, then you real like a girl.” Lizzo has stated that this is her favorite lyric on the album which shows that this album fits perfectly into 2019.

The third song in this album is, in my opinion, the biggest bop of 2019 thus far. Juice is just so undeniably fun and I cannot resist dancing to it when it plays. Once again, this song is empowering and it is just such a positive anthem. The music video for this song is amazing and I cannot think of a single negative to this song. It’s just perfect.

Soulmate is another favorite off of the album. This song resonates with all the self-love vibes and describes Lizzo as being her own soulmate. As someone who views myself as my own best friend, this song immediately became a bop that I needed. It’s upbeat and it keeps the album moving. Lizzo views herself in such a positive light and that comes out in this song in a really inspiring way.

Lizzo slows things down in the next track, Jerome. Being from Minnesota, I’ve seen Lizzo live before (and I also copped tickets to a sold out show in October !!!) and this track is a classic favorite. I’ve heard it before and I am so glad that Lizzo finally put it on an album. The songwriting is so smooth and she tells the trifling Jerome to get out of her life. It’s funny, catchy and a great way for things to slow things down a bit.

Personally, I get major Prince vibes from Crybaby, which is track six. This song is centered by the guitar in its core. It’s funky and although it isn’t a standout favorite for me, it’s still a great song and totally fits in with the aesthetic of the album. Plus, the Prince aesthetic totally comes from Lizzo’s roots in Minnesota and her time spent at Paisley Park.

Track seven is called Tempo and even features Missy Elliott. This is a song that needs to be played in clubs immediately. It’s rap focused and is all about body positive. Lizzo is totally confident and proud of her beautiful body and this song is all about dancing to the tempo that she requires. Missy Elliott is incredible in this track and her and Lizzo make an iconic duo.

The next song is called Exactly How I Feel and it features Gucci Mane. This song is a bop and I don’t mind it but personally I don’t think it reaches the highs of Like A Girl or Soulmate. It’s also a shorter track and Gucci Mane’s appearance was not nearly as memorable as Missy Elliott’s. The hook is catchy but isn’t one that will get stuck in your head. Once again, not a bad song! Just not a standout for me personally.

Better In Color follows the previous track and is all about loving whoever you want to love. Lizzo is a huge ally to the LGBTQ+ community and I think this song is her way of paying homage to love. It’s a bop and the colors of this song are infectious.

The tenth track is called Heaven Help Me and this song has been such a grower on me. Every time I listen to it, I love it more and more. It’s such a jam and I love that the song grows and then quiets down towards the end. It’s so invigorating and the lyrical content is amazing. Lizzo brings the confidence once again and this song was totally needed for the album to be complete.

The album wraps up with the smooth and slow track, Lingerie. This sexy conclusion to the album has three iconic key changes and is the perfect way to wind down the album. The lyrics describe Lizzo lounging around in her underwear just in case her man comes over to hang around for a while. This song gets stuck in my head and I personally think it’s a really elegant way to wrap up a wonderful LP.


Cuz I Love You was the perfect album for Lizzo to release in 2019. The powerful themes and personality make it such a fun album. You can dance to tracks like Soulmate or Like A Girl and yet she also slows it down with tracks like Lingerie or Jerome.

The Negative: This is a positive and energetic album. Most of the tracks are upbeat and music to dance to. I love these songs and I’m sure that this was Lizzo’s intention but I wish that she would’ve incorporated more emotional lyrics and stories into her songs. I am a sucker for a ballad and although I love songs like Cuz I Love You and Lingerie, I wish we could’ve gotten a better glimpse into the hardships that Lizzo has faced in her life.

The Positive: This album slaps. I’m talking bops upon bops. Lizzo is an amazing performer and you can feel her performance through her music. She is totally deserving of all of the recognition that she is gaining for this album and I would personally put it in the running for the Grammy Awards next winter. This is Lizzo’s best work and everyone in America should be listening to this collection of songs. The themes are spot on and I can proudly say that 2019 is Lizzo’s year.

My Favorite Songs: Cuz I Love You, Like A Girl, Juice, Soulmate, Jerome, Heaven Help Me, Lingerie.

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