Sigrid has always been a person who has stuck out to me because she’s not necessarily what you would visualize when you think of a “Pop-Star”. Sigrid, a singer-songwriter from Norway, wears primary colors and her go-to outfit is a white tee shirt with high-waisted jeans. Her face is bare and she genuinely seems like a normal person during interviews. Yet in her first full-length album, Sucker Punch, she achieves the colorful pop sound that most artists are struggling to achieve in today’s age of music.

Sucker Punch is a creative and invigorating view into the past couple of years of Sigrid’s life. At the age of twenty two, she describes her experiences with young love through intimate details and lyrics that feel personal to Sigrid, yet relatable to the listener. Lyrically, Sigrid is able to take you from the highest pop heights to a lovely piano ballad. Her range is effortless.

I had high expectations for this album because I’ve loved Sigrid’s work thus far. From her first single, Don’t Kill My Vibe (which is featured on this album) to her two EP’s, she has never let me down when dropping new music. I was slightly nervous because she has placed three previously released songs on this album but I think this choice works with the storyline told. This anthemic and innovative album is a picture perfect debut for Sigrid and she has proven that she did not come to play.


Track by Track

The first track on this album also shares the name of the project; Sucker Punch. This was the first official single for this album and as soon as I heard this track, I was excited for the rest of the LP. This song is addicting and the electro-beats provides a “dance-y” feeling and rhythm. This is one of the moments where Sigrid provides lyrical details that create an image of the scene. She starts the song by singing about a simple rushed moment in a hallway while sipping on some coffee. This small personal moment sets the tone for the entire album. This song is about an unexpected relationship and the surprising emotions that come with it. Her intimate lyrics discuss a crush and how she knows she might get hurt in this situation but she doesn’t care. This attitude of apathy and not caring about the consequences is also a strong theme of what is to come. This song is a certified bop if I do say so myself and I am a fan.

After this first track, Sigrid moves on to Mine Right Now, one of my favorite songs of the album. This track starts with light production, in contrast to Sucker Punch, and grows in energy as Sigrid begins to think about her situation. This song builds on the theme of not caring about the consequences and how she wants to live in the moment. She doesn’t care if her relationship is only temporary and tries to get the end (which is inevitably in sight) out of her head. This song is catchy and even though the subject is pretty sensitive, it still has that classic Sigrid pop vibe.

Basic starts with one of the most insane introductions that I have ever heard. She starts by singing a series of “Na-na-na-na-na-na-na”s which reminds me of the beginning of Lorde song and then cuts to a slower and mellow verse. Sigrid builds on the idea that her life is complicated so she just wants to be basic with her lover. This is another one of my faves on this album. It’s catchy and the production shimmers. Plus I can’t get the introduction (which repeats throughout the track) out of my head.

Next up is Strangers, which was released in 2017 and was in fact, one of my bops of that year. This track’s infectious energy and chorus matches the rest of this album’s pop vibe. It builds throughout and shines with every color in the rainbow. I love this track and especially the bold contrast between the verse and the chorus which is something that Sigrid plays with a lot on this album. This track has poignant lyrics and and Sigrid repeats that this relationship is not like one in the movies which I think is a creative point of view.

The next song is Don’t Feel Like Crying, which currently seems to be a popular theme in pop music. The lyrical content reminds me of 2018 chart-topper, No Tears Left To Cry by my girl, Ariana Grande. This was the second official single of the album and also shares a similar message to Grande’s hit. I love the energy of this song, though I wish she had sped up the tempo a little bit. Sigrid exclaims that it’s okay to hold off from the feeling of sadness and is delaying the emotion as best she can, which is also reflected in her music. Most of her songs are upbeat, even though the lyrical content is pretty deep. This is not only reflective of Sigrid’s music but also pop music all together, proving once again that Sigrid’s is purely pop.

Level Up is a gem of this album. This song, which she wrote in her kitchen, is a bit shorter than the rest but it is one of my favorite moments of Sucker Punch. This song is more stripped back than the rest and is deeply personal and detailed. She explains how her relationship may be rocky at the moment but it will just make her stronger in the future when she and her partner level up. This song is smooth and the songwriting just feels really special. Moments like the one presented in this song are the reason why Sucker Punch is kind of a modern-day masterpiece. I especially love Sigrid’s little giggle at the end.

Sigrid’s next song, Sight of You, is a song for her fans. This was the third and final official single on this album. It’s all about how she can be having the worst day ever but she knows she’ll be alright when she gets to see her fans at her live performances. The strings in this song make me feel all the emotions and I love the tempo and production. It’s another song about getting over the sadness of day-to-day life and looking forward to the highs. My friend was telling me about how she loves to skip to the beat of the song and I have to agree, it’s a great track to skip, dance and jam to.

On the track, In Vain, Sigrid channels her raspy side and even sounds a bit like Janis Joplin. She tells her partner to only stay if they really love her and her vocals grow with intensity throughout the entire song, which actually starts pretty soft and mellow. This track has far less of a pop production and is more-so acoustic. I really like this track and Sigrid’s vocals, but it’s probably one of the songs that I don’t love as much as the others. It doesn’t reach the highs or lows that I am accustomed to receiving from Sigrid. However, the hook does get stuck in my head every time I hear it.

Don’t Kill My Vibe is one of my favorite songs of all time. This was Sigrid’s first single and the song that gave her the reputation that she holds. Whenever I hear this song, I feel powerful and unbreakable. It’s the perfect song to pump you up and to remind yourself to not let others kill your vibe. Sigrid wrote the song about how she was working with a bunch of older male music producers who were limiting her creative capability and how she wasn’t going to let them get the best of her. This song is contagious and catchy. It’s the perfect way to explain who Sigrid is and what she creates; pop music with a strong message.

The tenth track, Business Dinners, is all about how Sigrid struggles to control her own image to the media and how she’s not going to sugarcoat her life. She’s not going to change who she is, which is reflected in her image. She makes music that is generally big and bombastic, yet she is plain and kind of indie. She loves her clothes and style and she’s not going to be change these elements of who she is. The production on this track is upbeat and light. It’s a song that tackles a different type of subject than Sigrid’s usually material but is still effortlessly Sigrid. It’s unique and very pop, per usual.

Never Mine is a song that Sigrid has described as “the last song at a school dance.” It’s smooth and has more chill vibes than the rest of Sucker Punch, as she begins to wind down the album. It’s about being forgotten and tackles the classic question; if someone you think about constantly is even remotely thinking about you when you aren’t around. This track is catchy and pulls you in from the beginning and never lets you go. It’s a chill pop bop and is one of my favorites on the album.

The album concludes with Dynamite, a song which was previously released on the Don’t Kill My Vibe EP. However, this song will never get old, at least not for me. This song is a piano ballad, without the regular synthesizer elements contained in Sigrid’s music. It’s all about her destination and how her mindset doesn’t work with her lover’s. She uses color imagery and explains how difficult it is for her to not belong in his universe. It ends the album on a melancholy note and Sigrid pours her heart into this one. This track takes the listener on a journey and shows that Sigrid doesn’t need to add big pop melodies to show who she is. Sigrid can be stripped back and can open herself up with ease.


I must confess, I was a little bummed when I finished my initial listen to Sucker Punch. Not because I was disappointed or let down but because it was over. There isn’t a bad song on this album and it’s exactly what I wanted from Sigrid. I wish there were less singles or pre-released songs but I will take what I can get. This album is sonically cohesive and travels to so many different levels of emotion.

The Negative: This album (thankfully) doesn’t have very many low points as I personally like every song. However, I do wish it were longer or used more songs that hadn’t been released. This is just my personal preference, but I wish Sigrid would’ve included more smooth and mellow songs. I loved when she created these moments on tracks like Level Up and Never Mine and I would’ve loved some more of these types of tracks.

The Positive: There are so many positives about this project. Sucker Punch is cohesive, lyrically complex and personal. There really aren’t any songs that I would skip which proves that Sigrid’s songwriting is consistent. Every song on this album is like a sucker punch in a way. They are all about a strong and powerful moment. There are painful parts and joyous parts. All of these moments are bold and Sigrid has proved that she is a force to be reckoned with. One sucker punch isn’t going to get her down.

My Favorite Songs: Sucker Punch, Mine Right Now, Basic, Level Up, Sight of You, Don’t Kill My Vibe, Never Mine, Dynamite.

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